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I have left my planes in the virtual hangar for nearly 4 weeks now, but it is time to move them again. Heading south from Cairns, following the spring closing in...


... southwards along the A1 to Innisfail, ...



... Kurrimine Beach, ...


... and Ingham...



... into Townsville. The usual test flight of @Mallard...!



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14 hours ago, Jack Sawyer said:

Gerold these are picture perfect!

Thank you Jack. I am getting ready to jump now, these are still FSX and already ok.


14 hours ago, paulb said:

Well done Gerold! Good to see you back in action! ;):)

Thank you Paul. Need to get into routine again.


14 hours ago, BradB said:

+1 - I wish Mallard would pop in once and awhile . :):)


+1 and +1 for your comment, too. He has not been on this forum since May 1st...


6 hours ago, lifejogger said:

Great flight Gerold and the pictures were super.

Thank you John!


6 hours ago, Musketeer said:

Very nice, think I'll do some flying up there myself soon.

Haha, always good to share some inspiration here on the forum :D!


1 hour ago, Iain Emms said:

Fine set these Gerold.



Thank you, Iain!


1 hour ago, stewart1 said:

Well Gerold what can I say just fantastic set of screen shots my friend and a super aircraft as well regards stewart

The good old 185, always a pleasure to fly. And she can land nearly everywhere...

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16 minutes ago, Neptune6 said:

Hello Gerold

Nice paint AU and good pics east coast south Cairns , i love big feet .. :)


Yes, the feet of this bird fits to the roos´!


13 minutes ago, Doc Scott said:

Stunning shots,Gerold!!!


Thank you, Scott!

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