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FSX Tours-Catalina Island, CA Tour Via Helicopter

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Hello Everyone,


I uploaded a YouTube video of a FSX Tour of KAVX.

It is a  helicopter tour of Catalina:



The helicopter is freeware:from www.Hovercontrol.com and www.flightsim.com-RED-AS332L2 by Dirk Fassbender and Hauke Keitel.


KAVX scenery by Orbx   https://orbxdirect.com/ 


Music use license consent granted by Wayne Gratz  htpp://waynegratz.com/

Music in this video from Wayne Gratz album entitled " Light, Lands and Shoreline”

© Copyright - Wayne Gratz / Wayne Gratz Music (634479711398)


I am retired and a hobby flight simulator enthusiast user name Polymerman, 


Please subscribe to OVER YOUR HEAD PRODUCTIONS  channel for new releases at


This is a non-commercial  hobby youtube channel.     


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 Hi Everyone,
I just want to send a thank you to all the viewers and subscribers to my youtube channel.
Your support encourages me to do more and keeps this old guy busy.
I also want to let you know that youtube will not show who is subscribing or giving likes/dislikes by default.

if you wish me or other channel owners to know you are subscribing or giving likes/dislikes you have to go to your channel
and unclick the boxes as shown in the attached picture.

Thanks again.


Privacy You Tube.PNG

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