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1 minute ago, Mike707 said:

It is hard to tell, but are we seeing an increase in the amount of dynamic lights that can be used within P3D? Are the streetlights depicting dynamic lighting. 

Nope those are still just normal, dynamic lighting is currently still limited since it has a bit of an impact on FPS.

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Beautiful shots! The thing, which is always missing to me, is a car traffic generated by the scenery on the part of roads which are visible to the pilots during the final approach phase. I know that the car traffic can be run in the simulator directly, but for me it causes stutters. I love the approach to the rwy 08 in EETN with the use of scenery created by the well-known developer, where you can see such traffic - there is much more life with it :)

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Oh my gosh, the dynamic lighting in that scenery looks completely stunning. I really love the lighting around the amphitheatre, docks and POIs in particular, though I don't know if those areas are dynamically lit or not. But they sure make this scenery stand out and look beautiful at night, which I always love to experience in-sim. Very nice work guys! Well done!

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3 hours ago, BrianV said:

Amazing indeed! Wonderful shots, and thanks for showing the impressive amphitheatre. The dynamic lighting looks fantastic too, this may well be my first scenery for P3Dv4.1 :rolleyes:


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Thanks for the lovely comments everyone! I've been hit with a truckload of university work this week, so expect this to be released sometime in the next week.

11 hours ago, Martin_Starski said:

To be sure - can you confirm that it will be also available for P3D v3.4 users?

Yes, it will be.

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