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This morning  I've used FTX Central 3 to update EU England to 1.60 and noticed that it re-downloaded any airport-related files that I had previously renamed to *.off (all 84 of them). These files had been renamed at the suggestion of the UK2000 developer as they were interfering with the corresponding UK2000 scenery for each airport.


Is there anything I can do to prevent FTX Central re-downloading any files for which there is a corresponding .off file? Having to remove re-downloaded files each time I update a region is both time-consuming and frustrating.


Many thanks,


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Hello Dennis,


sorry, no there is nothing that can be done in this respect.


If it was my problem, I would not rename the files.

Instead, I would create a folder inside the scenery folder and name it OFF.

Then I would move all the files that I needed to into that folder, where the

simulator cannot see them.


Then, if there ever was another update and the missing files were replaced,

they could be removed again in two small steps:


1. Copy all the files from the OFF folder and paste them into the scenery folder.

Let them overwrite the existing files. This will then leave all the files highlighted.


2. Press the delete key and once again, they are all gone.

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