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Interesting new sky-cloud engine

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Truesky is standard in FSW I believe.

It is.

Here's Prepar3d guru Rob Ainscough's take from another forum on TruSky:



I'm using FSW also just to see how it's progressing.  I like TruSky, but it's got some issues:

1.  Clouds morph to quickly and the effective is very repeatative
2.  The morphing effect looks more like a ripple warp effect not really cloud motion
3.  So far there seems to be only one "layer" of clouds regardless of the weather option I select
4.  With the Stormy weather selected flying over KOAK for a landing and I was at 14 fps (keep in mind this is on a 7900X @5Ghz with Titan XP)

The TruSky SDK looks very easy to implement, but I they need to address the above 4 issues (which I'm pretty sure can be addressed) ... I'm hoping issue #4 is due to lack of optimizations.  But as it stands now HiFi's ASP4/ASCA is better at depicting weather and that's the bar FSW will need to reach as that will be the expectation for those users coming from FSX/P3D.

I liked the look of it too from various YouTube videos, however it sounds like it currently looks more impressive than it actually is.

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It has issues at present indeed. A very annoying one is if you look down through clouds upon the ground it looks like snow-covered, even deserts. But DT is working on this and I am sure they will correct it. Rob's morphing issue has already been addressed in an update to an extent, although clouds are still moving ("boiling") too quickly.


Kind regards, Michael

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