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From mountain to sea...


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The breakfast is finished, ...


... so let´s terminate our stay in Tahoe.


Climbout & turn westwards, over these fantastic mountains.


Sacramento is nice & sunny, but probably does not need a descent mesh...


... the opposite is true in Napa Valley: These coastal hills collect all the fog...


... at least Angwin-Parrett on its little hill becomes visible & landable. A Turbulent place, as you might know.


You may imagine Angwin´s location on top of the ridge here?


I changed to a VAS-undemanding plane there (I currently fly all my planes to save the EZDOC settings, in order to upgrade that program to v2). And the airport of the city ahead is frame-rate-consuming also...



Unfortunately KSFO was covered with clouds, and created by a non-Orbx provider (yes, there is such!), so I won´t show you that landing here. But I made it!



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Thank you for commenting, @Iain Emms. Karoly @oldboy43, John @lifejogger and @adambar!


21 hours ago, Jack Sawyer said:

Love your tour Gerold!  I missed these.

I missed them, too. You know my sim was mixed up...


21 hours ago, BradB said:

Smashing shots from NOCAL Gerold !! .



I do what I can, but the star is the scenery!


12 hours ago, VH-KDK said:

Well done Gerold, I really enjoyed the flight and the narration.

Thanks Martyn. Honestly, making a flight plan is like writing narrations to me.


23 hours ago, paulb said:

Well done Gerold! :rolleyes:. You always tell a story!

Thanks Paul. Basically it is just flying with open eyes!

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