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answered What does Tasmania look like ???

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I've had the Tasmania demo since P3D V3.x. Ever since I had to run v4 without it for a while, I wondered what the difference was. Because I always see this for YDPO:



However, today for the first time, coming in from YMHB, YDPO looked like this:




Ofcourse next flight it looked like the first picture again. But now I wonder... wich one is correct?:huh:

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I do see the airport. It's on the left between the forest (I'm running 4K, so for me it is as clear as day). The thing I've never seen before is the surrounding area having a town and so much trees. Add to that the fact that I've never seen much difference with or without the Tasmania demo, it makes me wonder wich one is correct and if Tasmania is even working for me.

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This is what I see in P3DV4, Orbx AU scenery and OZx Devonport.  If you're only running the demo, I can't guarantee mine will look the same as yours. 


Is your screenshot P3DV3 or P3DV4?  The demo is not P3DV4 ready.


If it's P3DV3 perhaps a reinstall is needed?  I could suggest things like forcing migration etc but that doesn't apply if you only have the demo (I think)





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As far as I know there is only the demo (free full version). And yes, yours looks the same as mine, in both v3 and v4. So I guess having a town there this morning is not on the regular menu. Too bad, it looked much nicer :mellow:


I guess that solves my riddle. Thank you. And thank you for that tip about OZx, gonna hop over there and see what I can use :)

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