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Here are some pictures from my region - the Ruhrgebiet (West Germany)



Picture 1: Evening mood in the Ruhr area. The Power Station Scholven - Uniper


Picture 2: More green than its reputation - the Ruhr area


Picture 3: The Gasometer in Oberhausen. It is an industrial monument and is the highest exhibition and event center in Europe


Picture 4: Ruhr area typical industrial plants. In the distance you can see the industrial plants in Duisburg


Picture 5: Sunset in the Ruhr area. Here the river Lippe flows into the Rhine


Picture 6: On the right is the Villa Huegel of the Krupp family. It is located on Lake Baldeneysee


Picture 7: Close-up of Baldeneysee in Essen. Just great what you get with vector and lc-data


Picture 8: The city of Essen in flight simulator. On the left is the UNESCO-World Heritage "Zollverein" (red building complex). In the center of the image, the RWE tower of the energy group of the same name is clearly recognizable (round tower)


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Thank you for the kind words :-)

But the biggest thanks go to the team of the developers of FTX Germany North - for their good work! My share was only at the right moment to press the v-key ^_^


All the Best


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50 minutes ago, Captain Lars said:

Tief im Westen, wo die Sonne versinkt... 


Alle Achtung, das nur mit Vector und openLC?

No, this is a minor misunderstanding. It has to be called correctly: "... with the technique of landclasses and vectordata ... ". The scenery FTX Germany North has been built from this data, ORBX vector and ORBX OpenLC has nothing to do with it :-)

And, of course, it must also be mentioned that a lot of 3-D objects had to be created (POI's). Only then is the overall picture GEN rounded.

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On 12.8.2017 at 11:11 AM, VH-KDK said:

Excellent views of the ORBX world from a different but interesting angle.

I like #5 & 7, beautiful.

I totally agree. And they look really like photos taken from hills or towers.

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