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One more question about OLC SA, and possibly Global Vector. After reading Vora's post elsewhere, I thought I'd go see the area around SVCN Canamai. Just after takeoff I flew over a water feature with rather unrealistic edges -






Not having a moan here, but I sort of expected running Vector along with OLC to provide more realistic boundaries for such things, so my question is just - is this correct or have I screwed up somewhere? I'm struggling a bit at the moment to get v4 looking the way I want, colour and light wise, so I'm having an attack of the "why doesn't my system look like the preview screenies" and it's making me very aware of things like this.


Any advice or suggestions gratefully received. And if it's still to be expected to find occasional anomalies like this then that's fine too. It's just that my first two forays into OLC SA have both produced weird results (the other being the JC in Rio/mesh issue)

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My advice would be that there will be an update to Vector.

The present version has some rather sketchy data in this region.

The statue at Rio de Janiero is also nothing to do with OpenLC

South America, but added mesh, as explained in detail.


If you see what you think is a problem with textures or topography,

those would be to do with Open LC South America.

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5 minutes ago, Nick Cooper said:

The present version has some rather sketchy data in this region.

Thanks Nick, that's sort of what I wanted to hear, in that I'm seeing what I should and that it's not something I've done. And I do understand about the JC/Mesh issue, I've just been back there and checked it out without the mesh active and it is back to looking like the preview shots. I'm sure Vector will also be another triumph for ORBX as it is reworked in the coming year or so.


Thank you for your ever prompt and helpful responses. Having run a help desk in the dim and distant past I realise it can be less than rewarding on occasions, and your restraint and courtesy are admirable (and way more than I could ever manage!)


Enjoy your day!

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