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Kristoffer Aspén

noted Big issues around Gothenburg City

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When having Vector active and taking off from ESGP runway 19 I have 5-15 second freezes and stutters only by doing a standard 2 min turn.

The Freeze can come from panning left/right and returning to a forward view.

I launched the sim in KLAX with the same slider settings and sure I got lower FPS but not the freezes.

Also tried at EKCH (FlyTampa) and in ESSB (Stockholm Bromma airport) without any freeze issues.


As soon as I deactivate Vector in the scenery library I can fly in the Gothenburg City area without any issues.


Best Regards, Kristoffer

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welcome to the forum.

The debate about what Vector is responsible for and what it is not has rumbled on

since the product was first released.

I would recommend a good read of the Vector support forum, none of these things are new

and most have been reported already.


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Please explain why it's just in a specific location and with Vector disabled there are zero issues. And there weren't issues in P3D v3 in this region.

I can take lower fps in dense urban areas but up to 15-20 second freezes are totally unusable.


Edit: also there is no 3rd party scenery in this region. Only FTX Global an P3D default.

Edited by Kristoffer Aspén

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