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answered Upgrade to Latest ORBX Products?

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Hello- It's been a couple years since I've played with my Sim (we had 2 kids). I now have a little time, but it looks like things have changed a little with ORBX.


I currently have FTX Central v 1.0 1044 with the following installations: 'FTX AA ORBX LIBRARIES VER 150331 31st MARCH 2015  AND  FTX NA NCA Northern California V1.10 Patch 001 June 2014'.  --  It looks like these are out of the date...

- what is the current upgrade path/products? I'm looking for great Northern California scenery.

- Which products and how do I purchase and then install these? Do I have to delete the old products? Any help would be great.


Current Hardware:

- i5 4690 @ 4.0Ghz with 12GB Memory and Geoforce GTX660

- Also running Rex 4 (is this still worth running?)

- Only flying straight forward GA aircraft


Any thoughts on upgrade path and process?


Thanks for the help!



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Hello and welcome back!  Lots of changes.  Maybe you can start here, since your previous purchases must be transferred to OrbxDirect:


Yeah, and Doug's advice is also relevant, of course.

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Hello Again- Ok, I've started the migration, but orbx can't find my purchase. I have the eMail reciept from 2004 from flightsimstore. Any thoughts?




UPDATE: It just went through. Not sure what happened, but it took some time to sync up. Looks ok.



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