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Snow in Berlin - and a million trees...

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Well I'm not sure how many trees there are being rendered in these shots, but its a lot... and it runs perfectly well :o


Berlin in winter...











There are some buildings here as well then? :D



Thanks for looking...



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1 hour ago, Mike707 said:

I love that v4 allows sooooo much autogen now. 64-bit is great.




27 minutes ago, Jack Sawyer said:

Incredible Mark!  Those Speed Trees are something else, I like them.  But I'll have to wait for better hardware as they take a heck of a toll on my frames.  But they sure are purdy!



These aren't Speed Trees Jack, these are the standard (non HD) FTX trees... I don't like the look or performance of the Speed Trees to be honest, and prefer these.


9 minutes ago, Iain Emms said:

Superb shots.




May thanks Iain...

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16 hours ago, PDX Flyer said:

OMG!  Those pictures on a 1 to 10 scale, certainly deserve an 11.  Great job.


Thanks PDX


15 hours ago, sightseer said:

that last shot is amazing.  very good.  I love the tree density that Orbx does.


Cheers Dave... and this is not even maxed-out, its one notch down.


10 hours ago, tdavart said:

Remember FS8? Would have never dreamed of that many trees. Nicely done.


When AGN first appeared it was something of a revelation. Seeing what this and AF2 can do now with it is mind blowing.

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5 minutes ago, stewart1 said:

supper shots Mark I termed speed trees of because of having orbx trees installed regards stewart


Thanks Stewart... Yeah the Orbx trees look far more natural, and you don't get this density with Speed Trees.  They would be nice to have around the margins of the airfields though...

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