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Before the ORBX 50% sale ends


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If you don’t know what to add to your collection of airports, here is one suggestion before the Orbx 50% sale ends : KBLU Blue-Canyon Nyack. The following pictures show a flight from KBLU to Limberlost Ranch (CA21) then to Gansner Field (201). Landing and taking-off from Limberlost Ranch is a nice challenge and lots of fun!

For this flight with FSX, I used the Carenado Cessna C-207 equipped with bush tires and REX clouds.

Airborne from KBLU.







Enroute from KBLU (5284 ft asl) to Limberlost Ranch and it’s 1700 ft grass runway (1650 ft asl and about 23 nm east of KBLU), you pass by the Nevada County airport (O17) that has also received a special treatment from Orbx.




It might be necessary to fly over the Limberlost Ranch before starting an approach, so that you have an idea of what to expect on final.





Limberlost Ranch has a sloped runway (in fact, a multiple slopes runway). Part of it is asphalted, but most of it is grass. You make the approach for the grass section. Note that there is a fence on the side at the beginning of the runway. The aircraft should not touch the field before it has passed the fence (for more realism and a nicer challenge).









Taking-off is also a lot of fun as the aircraft feels really sloppy (and I mean it) and behaves more like a boat than a plane during the acceleration to get airborne. A bit of flaps is required as it is the norm for soft airfield operations. Careful but essential use of the rudder will also make your take-off a success.








Enroute to Gansner Field.




Gansner Field is about 41 nm north of KBLU. It is very well made and nestled in a valley. Coming in from KBLU, you need to pass 6000 ft mountains before diving for that 3419 ft asl  asphalt runway.













You will finally be able to put your aircraft in the hangar for the night, or park temporarily in a zone where a mechanic is available if you need any minor repairs in order to continue your flight.




Have fun and good luck at Limberlost Ranch!

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