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DHC-2 Missoula to Moose Creek USFS

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Thought that I would take the new Beaver out for a test flight today .... glad I did.

Here's some shots of the trip, hope you enjoy


On the ramp at KMSO





Waiting for traffic to clear the runway















Approaching our destination







On Final



Almost there



Parked up at Moose Creek 1U1



Thanks for looking in .... Wish I was there :)


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10 hours ago, Orbxtreme said:

Very nice set and you've got yourself a great looking bird now!

Thanks Francois, I'm waiting for some more repaints.

10 hours ago, VH-KDK said:

A might fine looking Beaver and some glorious shots of your flight.

Thank you KDK, I've been waiting for this plane for a long time.

8 hours ago, Iain Emms said:

Fine set of shots.



Thanks Iain, coming from the screenshot artist, it means a lot!

5 hours ago, bernd1151 said:

Nice ones. I enjoyed traveling with you

Thanks Bernd, I'm glad you enjoyed the trip!

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1 hour ago, bernd1151 said:

where did you get this great repaint

Sorry, I found it as part of the Milviz paints. It did not show up, when I looked for it in P3D under aircrafts, as it was at least in my case not part of the aircarft.cfg 

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3 hours ago, Bermuda425 said:

Mighty magnificent set of caps from your flight in this roaring propcraft!

Thanks Bermuda, I appreciate it!

1 hour ago, bernd1151 said:

Once thing I forgot to ask you, Dave: where did you get this great repaint ;)

Thanks again Bernd, I found the repaint on the Mil Viz Beaver support forums in one of the posts.

49 minutes ago, Jack Sawyer said:

Beautiful Dave, I love the valleys and that paint fits perfectly.

Thanks Jack, its appreciated!

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