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Hi lads,


I know in a few weeks this will no longer be an issue but I must satisfy my curiosity. Anyone else experiencing massive VAS at ESSA? Default airport options puts me at 3.8GB with the leveld 767. unloadable with a more complex plane. Flying into it basically results in out of memory 100% once the airport is fully rendered 5 miles out.


Disabling all airport options but grass gets me down to 3.2GB but by the time I taxi to the runway (ld767 again for the purpose of being continual) im up to 3.4gb. No weather to speak of at the time. Essentially clear skies


I however get perfect FPS. just mind boggling memory usage.


Relevant sim settings:


FSX boxed

LOD 5.5

Textures are 2048 global in cfg

REX4 1024 high level, 2048 low level clouds

1080p res of sim

vector (primary and sec roads) and lc EU

18% rd traffic, 0% AI plane traffic, no plane traffic addons installed.

Very dense autogen, extremely dense scenery

Level 2 airport vehicles (whatever that is in the options, I go by the cfg)





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