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I bought Broome as an add on to my Aussie FTX collection yesterday and flew in at night.


The runway lighting was so dim I simply couldn't see it until I was virtually 30 feet off the runway. I noticed that the airport had "atmospheric night lighting" but does that mean the runway lights have to be so dim.


Or have I missed a trick here and didn't switch something on?


Thanks for any help.


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Hi Jarrad


I just put the default trike in the air . Did an approach and saw nothing until I was overhead. Here is a shot overhead and the runway lights are tiny pinpricks of light which as I say are not even visible on the approach. I have landed at most kinds of airports both virtual and real but never had a situation that I couldn't see the runway lights from 500 ft on approach.


Thanks for the help.



Screen Shot 05-08-17 at 02.07 PM.PNG

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Hi Tonyc1946 this was taken at 540ft and it does look similar but the lights are quite a bit brighter, not sure if there have been any updates to the AU lighting but maybe Jarrad or one of the other team members may shed light on it (pardon the pun ;-) )

YBRM 1.jpg

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Thanks Ticker 7 for the replies.


It may be my old eyes but if I look at the second picture I am struggling to distinguish which line of lights is the runway. Possibly the right hand side? But that is just one row visible.


I think one of the big problems here is that lack of any approach lighting and the inability to distinguish airfield lighting from surrounding street lighting.

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