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answered LOWI AI Traffic no going away

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G'day Andrew, there was a glitch affecting some users in the latest LOWI update that is being worked on. The best solution is to delete the contents of your ORBX\FTX_EU\FTX_AA_LOWI folder and download the product again from FTX-Central v3.




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Hi Jarrad,


maybe my issue is quite similar to this one, therefore I report it here


- I have first installed Global FTX + OpenLC Europe + Vector + FTX Lib -> all running fine

- The day after I added FTX Trees + ORBX LOWI -> all ok

- The next day I added the freeware: ORBX EU Airports + GLOBAL Light Config


All running nicely, BUT if I uncheck the original full options in VECTOR to NO powerlines, NO traffic lights etc.
I noticed that even after running VECTOR AutoConfig, VECTOR Apply the powerlines do not go away, and the
traffic lights are also sparkling everywhere even during DAYTIME, which looks odd.


I try no a full uninstall / install of ORBX LOWI and hope to solve the issue this way.


Is there an interference with GLOBAL Light + ORBX EU Airports with ORBX LOWI possible in the

current release ? Or is that all soley coming from the ORBX LOWI itself ?


Is Forced ;Migration necessary to update ORBX Lib ?


Many thanks for a hint









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Hi Jarrad, meanwhile I can report that the uninstall + install procedure of ORBX LOWI by ORBX CENTRAL panel lead to the same odd result "power lines do not go away although switched off in VECTOR" and "running white sparking lines on terrain during DAYTIME". I have summarized all my P3DV3 + ORBX settings and screenshots in the pdf attached.


Looking forward to a hints what settings might cause these effects, (but the running sparkling point lines are not looking so nice during daytime flights)


Thanks Helmut


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G'day Helmut, welcome to the forums :) Just for future reference, could you lodge any support questions as a new topic rather than replying to an old (unrelated) thread, this will ensure we don't miss it. 


In answer to your questions: 


1. FTX LOWI comes with it's own powerline placements, these are not part of the vector product and therefore won't be disabled when you select this option via the Vector control panel. If you wish to disable them, the only way is to disable the "Master Landmarks, POI and City Buildings" option from the LOWI control panel. Note that this will also disable all other non-airport landmarks. 

2. The sparkling you are seeing is an AA-enduced shimmer from the powerline cables. This will be caused by your graphic card's AA settings, playing with your graphics card control panel settings can help resolve this, though this will be dependent on what type of card you have. 




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