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Took the Connie for the next trip, Bristol to Newcastle, flying Northeast cross country and than heading north along the coast. VOR navigation works quite well now, even though I didn´t get directions for one station. Went for a VOR-DME approach instead of the ILS and was quite happy with the approach. Weather started nice, but somewhere over Coventry I had to fly through a thunderstorm, nice experience, air was calm enough. Weather calmed further away and I could enjoy the sun settling behind the horizon while making the descend into a well iluminated Newcastle. Touched down nicely even with the severe crosswind (Approach had about 15° slip angle). Loaded the plane up pretty heavy (96% gross weight), so the climb was very slow. Had to reduce climb quite a while to pick up speed and reduce the angle of attack. Learned that it is very popular with the passengers to turn down the autopilots sensitivity to about 1.2 for rudder and elevator. Might try a full night flight next time.


Off we go into the wide blue world



Reaching FL140



Getting darker in the office



The green fields of, ehm, well, England in this case



Descending into Newcastle, the outskirts allready well illuminated



Approach from the captains view



Those long legs allready reaching for the tarmac



And down safe again, thank you for traveling with BOAC!




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2 hours ago, Jack Sawyer said:

Just superb.  I love the way you described your flight too.  Looks like I'll have to jump back into mine soon.


Thanks! Allways worth a ride in the fastet three engine airliner (Didn´t happen to me yet, though). Looking forward to keeping her in the skies once the parts wear out, but I guess that´ll take some time. Would have loved a "Used aircraft" button on this one, like the Cessna has for example.

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