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active Can LC affect P3D menu's etc?

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Grasping at straws here but I have a problem where several strange things in P3D only happen in Europe.  These being,


1) I cannot open menu items (Click in FSUIPC in the menu and nothing happens, same for GSX and others).

2) ChasePlane does not work in Europe, fine anywhere else in the world.

3) FSL A320X will not start second engine in Europe, MCDU entry does not work properly, fine everywhere else.


The only thing I can think of that has changed recently is updating Open LC Europe to 1.51 but I cannot figure out why or how this would impact these other issues I am seeing in the sim.  By the way I also updated the ORBX Libraries at the same time.  Using FTX Central 3.  So is it possible that LC can be causing these issues ?



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Doug   been a few  users  that use  p3d  and  the fsl  labs  aircraft  have  this  issue  been noted  at the fsl  labs  forum, it  seems it only  effects  the fsl  lab

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I can try to uncheck in the scenery library, however, that does not shutdown any other items running in the background.  I ready on the FSL forums that the Enigma protection may be an issue, how to I shut that down for testing....not sure I have seen it in running processes?

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