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Just installed the new update for the Aeroplane Heaven B-17F. It now includes the most numerous Fort, the G, with it's distinctive chin turret.

Only a pair of comparison views for now as it is soon time to go out.




Every Good Boy,



Deserves a Fort


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2 hours ago, BradB said:

Over my pay "scale" about the musical thing , I do like the AC my friend . :rolleyes::D





Thanks John, at least I hit the right note with the aircraft.

2 hours ago, Bermuda425 said:

Inconceivable sighting on the ramp you captured! Truly a treat for the eyes :rolleyes:



Thanks Erik, I have not seen too many of your music choices lately. Amazing to think this is over 80 years old.

1 hour ago, adambar said:

Very nice Martyn, great shots! :)

Thank you Adam.


Many thanks for commenting Gents.

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2 hours ago, Iain Emms said:

Very nice.



Thanks Iain.


2 hours ago, jury42 said:


Cheers Jury, another wonderful piece of music.

2 hours ago, mikee said:

Very Nice Shots Martyn !

Thank you Mike.

2 hours ago, Sammy H said:

Can NEVER go wrong with the Flying Fortress. Truly a great aircraft!

Thanks Sammy. I was lucky to see Sally B at Biggin Hill many years ago, a beautiful sight.


Many thanks for leaving such great comments and music.

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9 hours ago, Jack Sawyer said:

Excellent Martyn, I always thought that plane with the chin turret looked so cool.  You're getting quite the hangar collection mate!

Thank you Jack, the B-17G did look great with all that armament and the varied liveries they wore.

8 hours ago, Stillwater said:

EGBDF... i do not understand the music. But I do understand the good looking plane.

You have a quaver in your voice Gerold, feeling a bit crotchety today? Thanks for commenting Gerold.:lol:

7 hours ago, dolf8857 said:

Nice shots and the soundtracks are great too ;)  !

Thanks Dolf, some great music to set the mood.


Thanks kind Sirs for your wonderful comments.

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