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Decided to finally test the freeware DC-3 and boy, what did I miss. Not a fast mover by any means, but the interactive checklists are great and the startup is fun. Took it on a short spin around Popham, came in quite slow, but managed to ease it down like butter with the elevator fully against my belly.


Ready to feel some air beneath it´s wings. Fair weather, quite english except for the missing rain. And well, there are some unusual blue patches in the sky :D



Was gentle on the throttle, so I barely made it over the fence.



Gaining altitude, exceptional VC quality!



Popham from above, high scenery options, it does look very nice.



Time to turn back



Clearing that fuel station on final, might be wise not to end up in there.



One for the books, easy down into the grass.



And ready to fly another day, following the famous slogan: "A good landing is one you can walk away from, a perfect landing is one upon which you can still use the plane!"



An amazing peace of freeware, my biggest thanks to the team who created this gem. Need to look into some more liveries now later, but I really recommend this one to any prop enthusiast.


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Very nice shots indeed!

As for repaints, here's a [url=http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/tags/c-47/]link[/url] to most of my paints for the C-47, just to get you started, but pay attention, some were made for earlier versions of this wonderful model. They will work fine with the latest model, but you'll have to edit the bit for the aircraft.cfg, and you may see the wrong colour nose from the VC.

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