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resolved Vector 1.51 Install Requirements

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I'm struggling to reinstall Vector 1.51, I have 22.7 GB Free on my target drive, however, when trying to install via FTXCentral the installation fails with a message stating there's not enough space on the drive, after which I have to use the Clear Temp button to return the space.

I've also downloaded the 9GB _fulFTXVECTOR151.zip and tried installing from that via FTXCentral, however, another Vector download starts (~30mins remaining at 3.7Mb/s) in FTXCentral and there's another queued up behind that, the space on my drive starts getting chewed up again?

So, how much space do I need?

Is there a way to repoint FTX Central TEMP download area to a different drive?

Is it expected that there are further sizeable downloads required after performing a manual download/install??




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Ahh OK Nick, I was under the impression that the downloads went into AppData\Local\ORBX\Temp...I'll give that a go..

Still a little surprised that 22GB isn't enough space to install one item :wacko:



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No, C:\Users\your name\AppData\Local\Temp\ORBX


C:\Users\your name\AppData\Local\Temp is the default location of one of the Windows temp files.

If you move it to say D:\Temp where there is say 1 TB of free space, you remove the problem of

your C drive being too small.

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