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I'm not wacko, it's a Wicko not a Waco

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A Foster Wickner Wicko to be precise, no I had never heard of one either.

G-AFJB was built in 1938 and of the 10 Wickos made it is the only survivor.



Here we are at Goodwood ready for a short flight to Shoreham.


Passing the control tower it is a pleasant but breezy day.


Trundling down 28, almost airborne.



Glorious Goodwood and a change of plans. Today I will follow the South Downs instead of the normal coastal flight.


The River Arun and the town of Arundel.


On the outskirts of Worthing and the Hill Barn Golf Club.


Too busy looking at the scenery, we are there already.


Turning to land on rwy 02.



A nice smooth landing and having a rest before the next flight.


A joy to fly and a very resilient plane, apparently it survived falling 80ft off a cliff, not only the Hilux that is unbreakable!

Here is a link for the Wicko if you are interested.

Being an FS9 plane I am very pleased that this works in both FSX and P3Dv2.4 the latter using that tool!


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6 hours ago, caaront said:


Cheers Aaron.

6 hours ago, Bermuda425 said:

Delightful flight around the countryside!

Thank you Erik.

6 hours ago, BradB said:

Wickedly good shots Martyn !! .





Thanks John:)

5 hours ago, Iain Emms said:

Great shots these Martyn



Cheers Iain.

5 hours ago, jury42 said:

Great looking shots.

Thank you Jury.

56 minutes ago, Bluebear said:

great shots with an

 "oldie but goldie"




Thanks Bluebear.


Thanks very much for your comments folks, greatly appreciated.

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