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active Stage squares with "Winter Text and Spring Text"

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This question is often asked.

The writing is left over from unfinished work by the Microsoft developers of


It does mean that FTX Global Base is not correctly installed and so far, the

problem has always been removed by a re-installation of that product.

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hello Nick. 

Thank you. I only have to reinstall global right? I should leave Vector and LC and FTX regions as they were, correct? 

I can uninstall it via the FTX Central tool and just reinstall it via the same tool again? I dont need to remove any registry items or anything else? 


Thank you. 


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I've read numerous posts about this issue here and on other forums. Here the answer is always install or reinstall FTXGlobal. That's fine if you're using FTXGlobal but what's the fix when your not using FTXGlobal? I don't use ORBX Global or Vector products so I can use a wide selection of other products and avoid incompatibilities. I'm currently using several ORBX "regional" products such as PNW, SAK, CRM, NRM, you get the idea, the Iceland demo and many ORBX airports both freeware and payware where it fits my needs. FTX Central tells me they are all up-to-date. I recently purchased a product specific to the affected area and loaded it just as you would FTXGlobal but it did not fix it but it should have no different than installing FTXGlobal. Maybe these textures are leftover from Microsoft but over the many years I've been using FSX I have never seen this issue witnessed like it is today. The SDK describes this text including the different colors but it is not intended to be seen. Others have cited this issue over time in many other areas on various forums, and the problem persists? What is the real issue here and what is the sure fix, FTXGlobal or not. I don't want to start from scratch, that haunts me.


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Hi there,


the primary cause is that our extended version of the landclass control file (lclookup.bgl) enables features that are blocked by the default version, including seasonal variations for several classes that were planned by the FSX/P3D developers but never finished (It's actually quite amazing how "crippled" the default lclookup.bgl is, not just in regards to seasonal variations). The default \Scenery\World\texture folder contains about 8,000 landclass files (textures and autogen) while after installing Global Base that number almost doubles, though a large portion of the ~8000 new files are due to entirely new classes.


Obviously, we are aware that not every Orbx customer uses Global Base and thus we've included a script with FTX Central that extends the default set in \Scenery\World\texture so that unlocked variations, blendmasks, etc. are filled with copies of similar default types. Thus, even without Global Base, the file count in \Scenery\World\texture should increase by about 1,600. This script should also replace those default textures that have the placeholder inscriptions with more representative textures without the inscription.


If the textures with inscriptions become visible again in the sim then either Global Base isn't correctly installed, or the script for non-Global users hasn't executed properly, or the content of the \Scenery\World\texture folder has been re-set to default by an update or re-installation of P3D or FSX.


In your case, without Global, you should have about 9,600 files in \Scenery\World\texture. Is that the case? Also, have you run the "force migration" option in FTX Central? If the script failed initially it can be forced to run by this function. However, it may still fail if the \Scenery\World\texture folder has been blocked to write/copy operations by the user or an "overzealous" antivirus app. In that case the file count would remain at around 8,200.


Cheers, Holger 

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Hi Holger,

I had no idea my post would garner the attention of one of the "Chiefs" in scenery development, thanks for all you have done for our hobby over the years. Not only do I sport many an ORBX scenery but much of the RTMM stuff that has been revived over time by you and others. Really great stuff for us to explore.

I'm no guru to scenery workings itself but I do consider myself an advanced user including the management of scenery files so lay it on me if you think it might help and I understand your explanation, it makes perfect sense and merely exposes some poor coding (or lack of). To answer some of your questions. My >\Scenery\World\Texture< folder has quite a bit more files than what you mention. There are 15,371 files in my folder but I'm hoping that folder holds more than just default FSX files depending on what's installed and all those extra files are not a "problem".

I remember the "Switch" from the older ORBX utility but when the new FTX Central came out I presumed the process was made automatic and hoped all the files had been "switched" properly when I installed FTX Central and got it all situated. I have never run the "Force Migration" in FTX Central until tonight. After I did as you advised I went back to Kathmandu to check things out but it was still spotted with the "placeholder inscriptions" (refer to my attached screenshot). Winter and Spring seasons were green with an added anomaly in the mountain side, Fall was red, and Summer was normal. No anti-virus to interfere with the files and most of my FSX folders are "unlocked" (read/write operations are allowed for everyone) due to network operations (I run a separate computer on my network for FSX utilities and applications).

I haven't been in the Nepal part of my scenery since the days when FTX scenery was switched manually. I presume that's why I haven't seen this issue till now, this eye sore doesn't show up just any ole place. I had never noticed it till recently when I started making some additions to my scenery in the Nepal region. I've never noticed it flying inside the North American region or a few other specific areas I frequent most often. When I investigated this issue it is prevalent and has been noted in specific areas in the sim world depending on what forum your reading from. Some forum posts IMHO have falsely related the issue to competitor sabotage. I believe your explanation here sheds rational light on that false assertion.

Is there any utility other than the "Force Migration" to ensure all the correct textures are properly set for a non-FTX Global user? Would "replacing" the default texture files from a good/fresh FSX installation work? Is there an "original" backup FTX may have made, if so where would it be? Can you sense the desperation for a sure fire fix :-)  Basically, is there anything else that can be done short of a fresh installation of FSX?





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