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active Vector Updates info request please

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I have asked several times now but no response has been received regarding Vector and Updates. My question also relates to other FTX Updates.

      If you want just the Update and want to manually download it from DirectStore it currently appears that you can only download the complete programme and I see no offering of just downloading the Update only. For example Vector is offered as Version 1.45 to download manually but is 8GB. This is not just the 1.45 update but the whole programme again which I assume is up to and including v1.45 and all the previous updates.

Is there any facility on offer to just download the update 1.45 without having to download the whole updated programme again?

This also pertains to all "Updates" that are available for Manual download rather than using Central 3 to just download and install the update and not the whole programme. Formerly one could go to the Support page and find and download just the update, but no longer it seems.

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You can update what is already installed using FTX Central, when updates become available.

These will only download and install the files that are needed and not the whole product.

If you already have version 1.45 of Vector, you have no need of an update.

If your version number was less than 1.45, FTX Central will update it to that version.

You cannot manually download just an update any more except those on this page and I am

wondering why one would want to?

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