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After installing FSGU NG last week, I have seen a big improvement in sharpness of mountains and terrain elevation. However I came across one elevation issue at PACV 

picture attached, LAT: N60. 29,64 LON: W145.28,50.
The airfield lies lower than the surrounding area. Before I installed FSGU NG there was no problem.
I tried to use ORBX AEC to correct it, but PACV is not to be found in AEC.
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Open FTX Global

Click on FTX Global Range - select FTX Global Vector

Configure this product... Control Panel

Airport Elevation Corrections

I always click "Run Auto-Configuration" but you can do things manually.

Once this utility has finished running you will get a message saying something on the lines of it ran successfully - click OK - then click Apply ( if you do not click "Apply" your changes won't work).


Hope this helps!




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