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A very interesting new feature is coming to Windows 10 via the "Creators Update" in April: Game Mode.


You can Google it for more info, but basically it will automatically move background tasks onto separate CPU cores than the game itself, without having to manually adjust affinity settings.


Here's a quote from TechRadar (link here):



“We’re essentially affinitizing [or separating] the CPU cores,” Gammill reveals. “If you take an eight-core machine and you’re running a game on it, typically the game is spread across those eight cores along with the system processes that are running.” “When you’re playing a game and you run into some of those hiccups, it’s often not because of the game, but because of something going on the background just kicked up and stole some of the CPU resources. So, what we do is we affinitize a lot of CPU cores, so that the game will get 80% of the cores [for example], and they will get 100% of that 80% of all the cores. And, the system will get the remaining 20% of the cores, but at 100% of their capacity.”


I think this is very interesting for us simmers, because anything that can shift tasks off of Core 1 should have benefits for FPS in-sim, especially in typically CPU-bound scenarios such as dense areas of autogen buildings.


Those who are signed up for Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds should be able to start testing Game Mode later this month. I eagerly await to see what it can do for FSX/P3D!

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I read about this before. There was debate if this only works for Windows Store games, but it has been confirmed to apply to all games.


I am not a tech guru, but have HT off  in Prepar3d3 (we certainly shouldn't touch upon the question if this is a game ;)) not using any affinity mask at present. As far as I understand, there's no room to shift external process to as there's not free core in this setting. The way I understand it Game Mode would be useless for me as long as I don't switch HT on and use an AM freeing at least one core?


Kind regards, Michael

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