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Just a request to Tim Harris and Ken Hall, because of their fabulous talents to do mountainstrips in PNG. This strip seems another great challenge to me - as well to devellop as to fly on - after seing this (landing) and this (take-off) video on YouTube, it appears to be possible to land and take off there with even a Twin Otter.

It is currently not present in FSX, not even in a very basic way.


Thanks for your very beautifull add-ons !

Kind regards.




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Hi Ken, thanks for posting the video. It is sure an impressive one.
Well, maybe Tim Harris and Ken Hall want to do this one too ;-).

Even maybe including the dancing people ! when the plane lands ! :D
Would be great ! 

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I'll keep this one in mind, were having a break from PI at the moment, i have plans for future strips in PNG just need ground photos, might even take a trip there and do some photography, but it wont be for a while.



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