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answered Strange Letters on the Ground

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Greetings FTX! I am a huge fan, I have all your scenery areas, Vector, Global and the lot. You truly have changed my flight sim experience, and that is hard to do after 30+ years of simming!!

Just this year, I have built a new machine to allow me to run P3D, which I have really enjoyed as well. I fly for a small VA called St Paul Airways; I have been doing a Round Robin Flight around the Caribbean. I first noticed this particular phenomenon in Central America. I started seeing red splotches on the ground, I thought they might be red roof tops and when I got closer I saw they were letters that were peeping thru the trees and shrubs. I didn't see it everywhere, but it was more evident in hilly terrain. I finally realized that the letters were spelling out "Winter". I continued seeing this all thru central america and when I got to Venezuela I started seeing Winter  in red letters and Spring in Yellow letters. I tried a screenshot, but the letters did not appear in the shot. Yesterday, I was able to capture the letters with an Nvidia Experience device. Here is a screenshot of what I saw. A flight sim buddy was flying with me on this flight, and he did not see anything like this. I surmise that this is some notation that is used by you wizards in making the scenery we enjoy so much. I was wondering if I had accidentally turned something on or off to get this effect? Thanks again for all you have added to our hobby, I truly love everything that you do!!


Scott Sinclair

FTX order #  475908 


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Nick, I just re-installed the Global Base Pack and I am doing a test flight over the same route from the picture. All is well, no messages from Microsoft. Many thanks for your help. I am looking forward to seeing the world through new glasses! Happy New Year to all you good ORBX wizards!!

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