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However it takes so long to access the ORBX forum , I almost have time to cook a lamb roast on the BBQ before I can reach the pertinent threads for support .

Am I doing something incorrect here by signing in to the FTX site ?

I notice at this time there are only 10 other people signed in .

I am a patient person ( retired ) and have all the time in the world to enjoy our hobby , but this is becoming tiresome to wait so long for a response from ORBX Systems .

I have an efficient computer / processor which does not prevent me from accessing any other site expeditiously .

Any advice would be helpful , but it probably will take time before I can read it  .

Remaining patient  .


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I don't know what has happened there Graeme, 47 signed in and 17 guests at the moment.

Also access to the Forum is quick for me with a wait of a few seconds when I do a searc, and my everyday PC is not the fastest.

I hope some one can help you out as I am not a computer expert.

Good Luck.

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9 hours ago, ninja123 said:

Thank you for your reply . It took  a while for me to see it  . Lamb roast is almost done .

Maybe I should re-register with a new account .

I wonder if that will do it ?


Register a trade name in your local area and start a business selling roast around you !


More roast = more money = more Orbx ! :P


(sorry, nothing much serious to say about your issue)

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