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Don't it make you want to go home.(Not really)

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Decided to go for a drive in the car I would buy if I ever won millions in the lottery.

What I am trying to do is find my last house in the UK before I came to Australia. As my luck would have it , it is just off  the edge of the EGHI scenery area.

So much change in the last 36 years.



Eastleigh Airport is now Southampton International and a new roundabout to get onto Wide Lane. For those who don't know the Spitfire made it's first flight from here in 1936


A beautiful new station with a South West Trains Class 444 Desiro EMU on it's way to Bournemouth.



Still on Wide Lane/Southampton Road with the Campbell Road bridge to the railway works.


Looking down Factory Road. I worked at the Unigate Dairy but it has now gone with Eastleigh Metro shopping centre now where it used to be. The most famous worker there was comedian Benny Hill who worked as a milkman in the 50s.


Eastleigh Railway Station.


The Bishpstoke Road bridge, for 18 months I drove my milk float over there every morning on my way to make my doorstep deliveries.


Tried going along Twyford Road but it is off the EGHI scenery and I lost my bearings. Followed the railway back towards Eastleigh and was lucky enough to see Battle of Britain Pacific 34067 Tangmere. Some of this class were built at Eastleigh but this one was from Brighton. Of the 110 West Country and BoB Class locos from the 1940s 20 are preserved.



Now on Leigh Road, once part of the one way system there is now a pedestrian precinct  splitting the road into 2 sections. Sorry officer I did not know that.


Nearly there on Woodside Avenue looking for Shakespere Road.


Well the scenery ended before Shakespere Road so this is the closest I could get looking at the co ordinates. I am now parked outside my old house in Selwyn Gardens.

Buggar it, it looks like the house needs painting again!


Not really but one of my favourite songs from 1969.


Hope you enjoyed my drive around Eastleigh.

Most of the roads are roughly in the right place but it was meant to be flown over and not driven around.

Many thanks to Lars and Martin for this wonderful scenery which for me is full of memories from a long time ago.

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Fascinating stuff, Martyn. I think that's the next thing for the likes or ORBX and LM - the ability to specify a specific time period for the scenery! I know you can go back in time with some of Google Earth these days, and I suppose as more and more data is gathered (and of course, stored for ever) it may well be that the equivalent of us simmers in 50 years time really will be able to go back and look in detail at today's world. And, as ever, all the stuff that us old farts bitch and moan about will be seen as "the good old days" by those future old farts!

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That was awesome Martyn!  First Roger and now you, I just downloaded the BMW but will have to wait to install it as I have real world nonsense stuff to do today.


I absolutely LOVE these driving around Orbxland shots and your narrative tour was top notch.  I always get to learn so much when people do that.

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