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(Firstly I must say that I’m no ‘techie’ with this...)

I'm using FSX (Steam), & I recently migrated my 2 FSS ORBX products (Stapleford & ENGLAND) to ORBX Direct. In doing so I then also downloaded FTX Central v3.

Since then, at some point my Stapleford airfield stopped loading (so I get just flat terrain - tho' I'm sure it did work for a while even after using FTX Central v3).
(See att'd docs - the Cherokee screen-shot is from the grassed parking area at the NE of the airfield, looking West. The grass effects, buildings etc that I used to see are not being produced......).
However, my ORBX freeware ENJA Jan Mayensfield does appear to load correctly, as do my other listed Airfields.

In an attempt to reinstate it, from FTX Central v3 I uninstalled it & reinstalled - no effect. Can anyone advise on what I should check to get it to load?Scenery.pngStapleford_screenshot.png


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Sorry, I can't see a way to edit the above very messy entries.


I'll add that the people/animal animations within EGSG (man walking dog etc) are working fine - just the buildings & other textures are missing.


I have now discovered & run the Migration Troubleshooter with the following results:



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To add info in middle para.
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