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Incorrect scenery elevations PAVD Valdez Pioneer Field

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Hi Guys,


Order Number 582ef81d2695f


A couple of days ago I decided to purchase PAVD Valdez Pioneer Field. To my surprise we now have to make all of our purchases through Orbxdirect and this involves updating from FTX Central v2 to FTX Central V3. Initially I thought this would not be a problem until I realised we do not now receive a .exe file but a zip file instead.


The problem I have is that having downloaded PAVD, installed it, started FSX and loaded the scenery, I am in a crater at the end of the runway (see attached screen print).


I have had these elevation problems before with Orbx products and all I had to do was reinstall the airport then reinstall the libraries. Once I had done that, the scenery invariably worked correctly.


Although you can uninstall and reinstall the airports in FTX Central v3, you cannot uninstall the libraries and then reinstall them.


When I installed FTX Central v3, I carried out all of the required airport, regions and library updates.


Can you please advise me what action I can now take to correct the elevation problems at PAVD?


Kindest regards



Valdez Pioneer Field PADV.jpg

orbxsimulationsystems (PAVD Valdez Pioneer Field) Order Number 582ef81d2695f.pdf

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I know I am responding to an old post but wanted to confirm that I had field elevation problems with PAVD in P3Dv4.5 (purchased yesterday) with no Orbx Vector installed. While I had PNW region installed I did not have South Alaska (SAK) installed. There are some other posts in the forum relating to the same problem also but it was not clear whether it was just a re-installation  of airport and region that solved the issue but in that case OP also re-installed SAK which had been previously uninstalled on their system.


Upon installing SAK on my system , field elevation problems were resolved.


So it looks like the pre-requisite for PAVD is to have the SAK region installed also.




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Me again,


And apologies if my reply refers to P3Dv4 even though this thread is to be found in the FSX forum. I would assume the issue and resolution applies to FSX as well.

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