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Should I be doing this?

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16 hours ago, flyingleaf said:

Go for it. Put the pedal to the metal. Or let her fly".  

What a great plane, goes like the proverbial powers.

16 hours ago, RJ said:

Most definitely! Point A to Point B in seconds! :)

She goes so quick I have to keep stopping to let the scenery catch up.:huh:

16 hours ago, Republic DC-9 said:

Nice shot!


It's obvious that all this jetting around is quickly getting out of hand!



A sudden change in my flying habits started by the Meteor. Makes a change from ultralites.

16 hours ago, olderndirt said:

You'll be so far behind, it'll take you an hour to get to the wreckage site.

Very surprised that I got it down in one piece, this time that is.

16 hours ago, luckyb52 said:

Start today and arrive yesterday, Martyn!





Just like the Concorde when it used to fly from London to New York.

16 hours ago, Wakashi said:

Better have your chin strap pulled tight on your cap!  But Go for it!:)

I took no chances and nailed it on, better get some panadol.

12 hours ago, Voyager said:

That was a nice flight for sure.


iPad - Tapatalk

It was Voyager, very enjoyable.

11 hours ago, Torchy821 said:

Fly it like you stole it!:D



It was a steal being free.


Many thanks everyone for your great comments.

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On ‎23‎/‎10‎/‎2016 at 1:09 AM, Jack Sawyer said:

Should you be doing this?


YES!  Great shot Martyn and I'll be a lot of fun too.

Thanks Jack, it was fun alright, very different.

On ‎23‎/‎10‎/‎2016 at 1:17 AM, mikee said:

Super Shot Martyn :rolleyes:

Cheers Mike.

On ‎23‎/‎10‎/‎2016 at 6:50 AM, BradB said:

As long as your life insurance is in force and wifey has the CC's , then by all means go for it my friend . :oB):lol:





They reckoned my life wasn't worth insuring:huh: and the CCs are very well hidden;)


Thank you kind sirs for your wonderful comments.

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