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active ENNK Approach lights problem in fog (white squares)

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I've noticed while flying in foggy weather around ENNK that the Approach Light Systems are displayed wrong. I have some white boxes with black outline. All the other lights around the airport are fine (runway etc...). These white boxes are also seen from miles away even through heavy fog. This problems shows up only in foggy weather and only in ENNK which is my first airport scenery from Orbx. I've tried to change the light settings but didn't solve anything. Any idea how to solve this? I also notice some strange artifacts on the side of the runway.


I run FSX:SE on windows 7 with DX9.

FTX Global Base Pack 1.40

FTX Global Vector 1.45

FTX Norway 1.1

Orbx Libraries 160906


Thanks in advance for your help and congratulations for this otherwise amazing scenery!






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Hi Richard,


Here we go:


Intel i7 3770k 3.5Ghz

16 Go Ram

FSX:SE installed on SSD 256 Gb

Nvidia GeForce GTX680

Windows 7 Ultimate


I get very decent FPS with it in ENNK with almost full details and ActiveSky weather (40 to 50 FPS average with stock FSX airplanes).







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Hello Naheo,


                    I am not sure exactly to be honest, your Pc is fine with moderate settings, Library looks good. I have only ever come across this type of issue when my sliders where not matching my Pc specs. Below I have everything maxed including cloud draw, I do not have a weaher system installed, have you used DX10 fixer in the past and not un- installed it? Are you positive you do not have DX10 ticked? I can not replicate your issue, please disable weather, run a nice cloud free sunny day and take screens please. I do personally believe your Pc is not keeping up with your settings. 



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Hi, Thanks! :)


I'll take a look at your white boxes problem in FSX:SE later today.


Those strange artifacts on the side of the runway:

Terrain spikes appear because of wrong mesh setting in the simulator. 5 meters are recommended for all Orbx products.

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Hi Tore,


Hmm i remember changing the mesh settings for test purposes some days ago, and now that you point that out i think i forgot to put it back to the recommended value. Didn't have the artifacts problem before. I'll get back to 5m and test tonight.Thanks! 


For the white boxes i'll test some lower settings as suggested by Richard, just to be sure. 

Would a reinstall of the scenery make sense? Is it a known issue?



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