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I just bought a new computer so I could run FSX with the graphic settings dialed up to 11, and started running into a problem. When I run FSX with FTX Products (Specifically FTX Global with NA Land Class) on the DX10 Preview, I see a bunch of black shadows where I'm assuming trees are supposed to be. I have the FTX Trees addon, but still run into the same issues when I turn the FTX Defaults off. When I run in DX9, everything's fine, but the fps is sluggish at best. I'm running an AMD Radeon R7 250 Series with 16 Gigs of ram and an AMD FX(tm)-8320 Eight Core Processor. I've got RadeonPro set to the highest settings, so I'm not entirely sure what to do here to fix this issue.


Running DX10

screen fsx dx10.jpg


Running DX9

screen fsx dx9.jpg

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Hello Karl,


There are many topics about this issue, if you would like to do a forum search for : "Black Boxes Preview DX10" all will be explained.

The Black boxes are actually the way FSX "Preview DX10" displays (incorrectly) the Orbx Vector Road lights, this is a Preview DX10 failure.

And as you have rightly discovered, while DX10 gives the user a few more FPS than default DX9 mode and a few eyecandy features to "Preview" as an un-finished technology, it does have many anomalous issues if not used in conjunction with Steve Parsons DX10 fixer, available as freeware on AVSIM library here: http://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=DX10+Steve+Parsons&CatID=root&Go=Search 

and Payware version here https://stevesfsxanalysis.wordpress.com/how-to-purchase/ 

If you wish to keep using DX10 for FPS reasons I would recommend the Payware fixer, as it has more features and is vastly improved over the freeware version.


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I've been involved with Steve's "Fixer" for a fair while now. It really does cure 99% of the half-finished DX10 "preview" mode in FSX. It never really was a full-blown implementation of DX10.


With the Fixer, you'll end up (graphically) almost at the same stage as P3Dv3 - with the benefit of FSX clouds and FSX water (which I still say are inferior in P3D). I'd say "go for it" - but try and grab the "Fixer How-To" (in my signature). Lots of good info there.


Also - the Fixer is no "dead duck". Steve's a clever developer and is actively working on new features for the Fixer all the time.



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