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active 2 hard drives one full - can I put scenery in the second hard drive

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Good morning,


I have recently purchased a new PC and already my C drive is full. My E drive is empty with 931 GB of space available.


I recently purchased Europe add on having already bought the Global addon however at installation it correctly advises there is not enough space on the C drive.


I clearly need to start using the E drive but I am afraid about what to do.


Any advise much appreciated.





Order number FSS0523149

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It is strongly recommended to put your sim outside of C drive due to probable "Permissions" restrictions when on the same drive as your Operating System (Windows) I don't know how many addons you have already in your sim, but I would highly recommend that since you have a new computer, it would be wise to do a fresh install of your sim and addons onto your E drive. There is more than enough space for your sim on that drive. 

As Dadtom65 says it is possible to do the Junction link, but in your case with a new (improved specs?) PC I still suggest a reinstall.

Your choice.

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Hi Andrew,

I join the strong recommendation to install your sim on another drive than C. And even if you have all your sim parts on D, you can still shift huge directories on another drive - Derek mentioned Junction link (which I do not know), I had used Dirlinker (also free) successfully.

I hope you are early enough and a reinstall of the sim into D won´t take the entire weekend...

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thank you all for your help. Much appreciated. I reinstalled Flight Simulator X Steam edition on the new drive which as you point out has loads of space. If only I had realised this in the beginning.


All addons are working fine except Orbx.   Where do I go for support from the company on this. I need someone to give me step by step instructions on what to do.


Many thanks again !!!

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If you can indicate in what respect the products are not working?

If it is still that you are short of space on your C drive, you may wish to move your

Windows temp folders to the larger drive also, as they are used by the installers.

You will also need to amend your FSX Windows registry entries so that they point

to the new location.

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Dear Nick,


Many thanks for your reply.


I have to say that I do not find the forums an appropriate place to offer 1 on 1 support. I purchased products (2 to date) and I do not appreciate to have to go hunting and sifting through posts for support. First of all it is not clear where to post hence you will find at least one more post from me on this. I understand the need for speedy responses and maybe the volume of emails was becoming unmanageable. Anyway many thanks for picking up on my problem.


Since posting this request, things have moved on. I reinstalled all Flight Sim products onto a new drive on my PC (E drive). Just to be clear I am operating Flight Sim X Steam Edition on Windows 10.


I have purchased 2 products from Orbx. Global FSS0521234 and Europe. I never got around to installing Europe because of space issues on C drive, hence my move of everything to E drive.


I have reinstalled FSX Steam Edition, Traffic 360, various add on aircraft, Soft Clouds, other DMC via Steam and all is fine.


I then started to look at FTX Global. I treid to reinstall Global following the same steps I did when I first installed the product (then on the C drive). It correctly unwrapped. Then on install is presents a message to say that Global Central would open. It did not. I manually opened it. it presented me with a message to say it could not find the Flight Sim. I corrected this by entering the new location on the E drive. It asked me to close Global Central which I did. Upon reopening Global Central I got an error. I attach the file here.


I would appreciate your help on resolving this asap.


Many thanks










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Hello Andrew,

I have solved the duplicate posts by deleting the other one.

I have moved the topic to the FSX Steam Edition forum which is probably

a better location than the Vector forum.

Can you tell me how you "corrected this by entering the new location on the E drive"


FTX installers and FTX Central rely on accurate Windows Registry entries and these must be

in place before we can go any further.

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Hello again Nick,

Thanks for deleting the other one.

The FTX Central  presented me with the option to navigate to the correct location. I have since deleted FTX Central.


The current situation is that I have downloaded the Global X program but I no longer have FTX Central on my PC.



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It installed successfully.


I am now installing Europe. it is asking me for CDs. Europe comes in 4 parts but I cant see any instructions how the 4 parts hang together from an installation point of view. I can only see on exe in part 4. Does this cover all 4 parts?






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Every time I do a short test flight to check out scenery Fligth simulator then crashes when I press escape to end the flight.


I am thinking of unstaling the Europe product and requesting a refund as this is just not normal.


I am grateful for your efforts but this is clutching at straws . Or do you think an uninstall and fresh install would help?


Many thanks


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Clearly the migration did not take place, as the migration missing file states.

Until it is done, the textures will not display properly.

After you have run it again, please open FTX Central and wait until it has finished working.

Then try your simulator again.

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I am sorry that you have been unable to make this product work, I cannot offer you any more advice than I have already.

If you had asked, I would have advised against validating the Steam files as you have just overwritten most of FTX Global.

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Some help in preventing common software malfunctions, and these are steps that have to do with the operating system. A few things to keep in mind, but essential it all work.
- Make sure you have disabled UAC
- Be sure to have the PC administrator rights


- If the file consists of multiple downloads make sure to unzipp all parts into one folder from where to run the exe
- When you run an installation should always run the installer by clicking the icon with the right mouse button and choosing "Run as Administrator"
- And 'better to install the simulator in a dedicated partition of the hard disk, or not on C: /
- If you have problems with the software installation, because the installer does not advance to a certain point but no warning is displayed, and 'likely that your antivirus software is blocking the completion of the transaction, and in this case' useful to repeat the installation, making sure to temporarily disable your antivirus.
- And 'useful from time to time to clean up the temporary folders of the operating system. This you can 'do by opening a command window and typing% temp% and then repeating the process by typing this time simply temp (some files will still not be deleted because they are still in use, ignore them).
- Always keep the updated libraries Orbx
- Remember that the installers use the .NET framework version 4.5 or higher, your operating system must contain it because even FTX Central to work properly.


- Simply moving files to other drives is a tricky thing, the ORBX folder cannot be spread over different drives, as the installer searches for the files in the location the FTX files are created by the dev Team.

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I am afraid that I don't expect to have to go through complex steps when I buy a simple add on. It should be a case of download install and done especially considering that I have no other scenery add ons. I don't excpect to copy files from here to there (in the background).


With regards to repairing FSX - it was crashing after every flight.


Please advise how I communicate with the customer services department regarding this. I am not happy with the product.


Many thanks for your help.


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It is a case of download, install and use but the installer has to find a correctly installed simulator version

before this will happen and the customer has to follow all the prompts that take place during that installation

and not take action of their own invention.

In this respect, FTX products are no different to other products.


The problem here is that following the failed attempt to install, errors have been compounded.

There is nothing intrinsically wrong with the software which works for the vast majority of customers "out of the box".


If it is the only FSX version on the PC and FSX Disk Edition has never been installed, FSX Steam Edition uses the same

file structure as FSX Disk Edition and the same registry entries.

For this reason, the correct FTX installer choice in this case is FSX and not FSX Steam Edition in parallel with FSX.


Given a clean or at least uncorrupted installation of FSX SE and the registry entries also correct, FTX Global and FTX OpenLC can be installed by

simply running the installers and after following all the on screen prompts, waiting without intervention for them to finish.

Next, the latest Orbx libraries must be installed.

This will also install the latest version of FTX Central and it must be opened and allowed time to work before being closed.

At this point, the products should be installed and work correctly.

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I can assure you I have had no problems with other add on purchases. FSX is the only version that has ever been installed. The PC is a month old.


I have repaired FSX steam as it was crashing constantly after every flight.


I see that Global and Europe are still there but I'd like you to advise me on how to remove these products. Certainly Europe which caused the issues.





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Your complaint has already been passed on and we await a reply.


You can remove both the products as follows.


1. Go to your simulator in game scenery library and delete the following entries.




2. Go to your FSX folder and delete the ORBX folder.


3. Go to your C:\Users\Your name\AppData\Local folder and delete the Orbx folder.


4. Run the FSX Steam Edition validate files function again.



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