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After all, what in Berlin is recognizable, one can say that the one who was at work here, know how to do it and how to use the right tools to this "over the top" - working to make. This is a league in which only a few can play.


Last night I had taken the opportunity and I looked at FTX Berlin shortly (in slew mode); I nearly fell off my chair!


The air imaging for flight simulation is not much better. Previously, I always thought that I would quite good about it at the subject air imaging, at least I had always imagined that.

Well, how should I say it, I have been disabused; alone color embedded in the ORBX World is extremely successful - the aerial image blends seamlessly into its surroundings. Or the perfectly incorporated Blend.- and water masks, just the best. The Autogen created is also not to beat - it is not only perfectly placed, no, it is also very varied, been so used variably.

You can see that just very good at the vegetation, if you as sports fields provides that, as in reality, through trees "framed" are. But the buildings are created by all available types of buildings of P3D - this is a scene in the scene that will not soon get bored.


Many thanks for this outstanding scenery



Some pictures from Berlin?


1 Perfect Aerial embedding.jpg

Perfect Aerial embedding


2 Surrounding country Berlin 1.jpg

Surrounding country Berlin



4 Surrounding country Berlin 2.jpg

Surrounding country Berlin



5 Perfect used vegetation.jpg

Perfect used vegetation



7 sports complex with plastic appearance 2.jpg

Sports complex with plastic appearance


9 Night Impressions.jpg

Night Imperessions



11 Siegessäule.jpg

Siegessäule in Tiergarten



12 Evening at the lake.jpg

Evening at the Lake



13 Brian Likes.jpg

Brian likes



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Worth mentioning are also the things that can not be seen at first glance from the air. For example, the dikes on the left and right at the riverbanks. Since I am still puzzled as Sascha and his team have managed that. The dikes were namely not placed there as objects, but pulled out of the landscape.


Not to forget the many hundreds of kilometers where the rivers were "ironed". All of this are absolutely remarkable work that yet nowhere found mention.

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On 22.9.2016 at 7:23 PM, John Venema said:

I'm glad you like it! My son Philip worked on the vegetation autogen annotation with Frank Schnibben so I'm quite proud of the result :)

Hi John,


your boy and Frank have done a great job. That says someone who know a bit about the processing of geodata.


This is new for me, so far I assumed that derived only from the German team - no matter, it has been well done.


Well, if I understood correctly, then there is probably soon a change in the house give ORBX: The old can pack, and the young come lol



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