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A somehow uncommon destination ... 3rd and final part

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Here we go to continue the excursion from http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/121559-a-somehow-uncommon-destination-part-2/

In Berberati, RCA, we changed to a more versatile tool, to head southwards over the green ocean:


Again, we encounter severe landclass gaps in the default system: This should be the city of Nola, which is a focal point of gem and diamond trade. Not asking questions seems wise.



There should be trees next to the roads here, again in the north-australian style:


The village of Bayanga is totally missing in the sim.


However, I would not expect such an AnimalFlow even in a full-fat region - as this encounter would not be covered by flight simulation.


But what we can do is landing on one of the Bays here...


... to wait and see.


And finally return to Berberati, ...


... take a vintage plane ...


... back to Cameroon ...


... into Douala.


Surprisingly my ATC thinks a 777 can not start in FKKD. So I chose a STOL jet...


... taking me back to Europe.



Thanks for following this long post & trip!

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Thank you, @Iain Emms, @gregmorin, @dolf8857 and @Jack Sawyer !


6 hours ago, RJ said:

What I love about your posts is that you get to see virtual/real combined. :)

Thank you, RJ, I love the challenge to put together real travel experiences with our sim.


3 hours ago, BradB said:

What a great series of posts from out of Africa Gerold , what continent are you exploring next . :rolleyes::D



Thanks John. There is a high probability I would stay in my home continent, maybe even close to my hometown... ;D


3 hours ago, Kasi31 said:

Fantastic post with great shots!

Thank you, Kasi. Perhaps I can motivate you to add some RL shots to your GEN explorations...?


3 hours ago, bernd1151 said:

Great you took us along, Gerold. And even better that we didn't have to go there ourselves :)

Thanks, Bernd. You really make the point, on the ground there are way more travel obstacles than in the air - or even in the sim.

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9 hours ago, VH-KDK said:

Fascinating trip Gerold, some great FS shots with some beautiful RL shots.

Such a shame this place is so very dangerous in RL.

Thank you, Martyn. I can assure you the personal shots are even more impressive, but won´t make any sense in a flight sim documentation.

Indeed a shame travelling is somehow limited in certain countries (and I feel the number is increasing).


8 hours ago, Taph said:

Grand trip, enjoyed the mix of sim shots and real life

Thank you, Taph. I enjoyed mixing, too!


5 hours ago, RichardLouis said:

I like all the 3 parts. Thank you for sharing.

... thank you for liking it, Richard!

PS: Lots of work for the painting artists once the more exotic OpenLC areas are released... ;)

PPS: Congrats to post #1000!

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