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noted Water uphill in Mosel and Rhine rivers in mountainous areas

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Recently I saw at the riversides of the Mosel and Rhine in Germany, at mountainous areas water is running uphill. It seems like water texture is applied at a piece of mesh that ought to be mountain.

I have reinstalled Global Base, after that reinstalled Global Vector with all the updates in the right order. Finally reinstalled Global LC Europe.

After that the problem was still there 

I have tried if by accident the scenery.cfg had been changed to the original FSX default version. Using the new scenery.cfg did not solve the problem.


Any idear how to solve the problem? Thanks in advance!


Attached two screenshots. The blue bar in one of the screenshots is not part of the problem.




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I got this Problem too, but not only on special coordinates, I got this the whole Rhein from Mainz to Duisburg, the whole Mosel up to Trier and the Donau also.

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Hi Richard, thanks for jumping in.

I will provide the coördonates soon, but like hal9000 says, I do also have the problem at more places. The main cause seem to be the mesh scenery.

I use FS Global Ultimate.

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Okay, hi all and especially hi Richard :-),


First: thanks for helping me.

I created two new screenshots with screenshots of the coordinates in "Map" 

Is may be difficult to read the coördinates from the screenshots, so I put them in text here too:
coördinates from screenshot 1 are: Latitude N49o 58.93'  Longitude E7o 51.97'

coördinates from screenshot 2 are: Latitude N49o 57.55'  Longitude E7o 53.58'


But all along the rivers I can find similar effects...


Thanks again for the support

Coördinates 1.png

Coördinates 2.png

Screenshot 1_50.png

Screenshot 2_50.png

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Hello Bram,


                   Do I know what the issue actually is? No that is up to the Developer to elaborate on this matter, I am only the Moderator and not the Developer. I assure you I have sent on the issue and will re send it, (won,t hurt)

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