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G'day everyone,    I am proud to offer you all a sneak preview of my current major airport project, Innsbruck Airport (LOWI), located in the very heart of the European Alps. A destination th

Thanks for the overwhelming response everyone, I have been extremely chuffed to read your comments over the last couple of days     In answer to a few questions from you;     

Hi guys, thanks very much for your (keen) interest, even though I'm very quiet on the forums at the moment, it is much appreciated. Those that have been around ORBX for a while know that I don't norma

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Words fail me Jarrad, this is just incredible scenery.

The mountains  in the last few shots are stunning .

The view from the station and the sports arenas, I like the ski jump.

Then all the buildings in the town, all higher than top class.

All the heliports too, I am going to have to learn how to land a chopper, unusual hangars as well.





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Caravaggio  strikes again!


Simply amazing. Moving trains - the icing on the cake.:)

Another Orbx must have.

I was looking at some airports in Central Europe for the Norway to Dubrovnik trek via the forthcoming North Germany, & this one fits the bill.


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BEAUTIFUL!!  Can't wait, just one quick question, will this include the lead in strobe lights that run through the city to the runway when the weather is down?  That would be very cool as well!!  Thanks Jarrad, this is amazing, I'll be one of your first customers!!

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