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answered Airport fixes for the Philippines using FTX Global base and Vector

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Attention to Orbx, this is just a request, i have a little bit of concern over the airports in the Philippines scenery, there are roads and rivers across the runway in places like: Laoag,butuan, basa, zamboanga, cotabato, tacloban, dumaguete, puerto princessa and tuguegarao. The airport for dipolog city is misplaced, it should be by the seashore not in the middle of the street. These are busy airports in the RP, can we have a fix on this?

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These are the ICAO codes for these airports with problems


Dipolog- RPMG (not in the correct position)

Basa – RPUF

Butuan – RPME

Cotabato – RPMC

Dumaguete – RPVD

Tacloban – RPVE

Puerto Princessa-RPVP

Tuguegarao – RPUT

Bacolod – RPVB

Jolo – RPMJ

Subic bay - RPLB

There should also be an additional airport for northern mindanao; the new Laguindingan International Airport ( ICAO Code: RPMY. the ICAO code for this airport is the same as for the Old airport of Cagayan de Oro)

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33 minutes ago, Nick Cooper said:

Possibly, but I don't think there are any FTX products involved.

Perhaps you might turn off crash detection?

I agree I don't think there are any FTX products causing this. I get this at RPVK Kalibo too, and other airports. It's close to the road crossing the runways.


I like crash detection to be more realistic, in case I land too hard etc...

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4 hours ago, Nick Cooper said:

Simply resetting the situation is as far from realism as there being no damage caused is.


I am not sure what you mean... Do you mean planes like A2A, where damage is carried along, unless you do repair/maintain them? Even in planes like A2A, I would always repair/maintain them before flying anyway, like in real life.


For me, it is very rare I crash, only when there are invisible things like here (when investigating scenery, where my skills are not at fault), or when I land too hard on my favorite type of landings, like Tapini scenery airstrips, in bad weather: the latter is what I am interested in. I never crash otherwise... So, I keep crash detection for hard landings in difficult conditions, to see how well I do. 


The problem here is that there are runways that have something invisible that should not be there in the first place, causing crash. I will deactivate Vector and see what happens. I know there are such events in FSX without Vector. I am certainly not saying Vector is bad, as it improves things, but it has side effects as well.

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Yes, I mean aircraft models like A2A that are damaged when you crash or abuse them,

and then have to be repaired.

You can see the damage on the screen and it relates to the crash.


As far as I am aware, the result of a crash as displayed by FSX or P3D is that

the simulator freezes and then resets the flight.


Invisible objects are usually to do with the airport model and something called a crash box.

I don't know any more than that, I am afraid.

Vector has nothing to do with this and as you have found, even default airports have errors in them.

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RPMG Dipolog is indeed very out of place, but after investigating all the airports on the above list they are mostly just slightly misaligned, I found in real life (Google Earth) that most of them have a road very close to the end of the runway, and it seems that Vector has placed the roads correctly, so that now they interfere with the FSX/P3D sightly misplaced runways....


I have also found that crash detection is the furthest thing from reality that there is....I much prefer to decide for myself if I have crashed or not, instead of having a silly program force me to restart my sim when ever it decides Lol :)

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