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Booked our tickets for a trip to Thailand and 3 things made me feel good.



Just going to Thailand makes me happy:).


Booked in the Thai language and got an even better price:).



Looked to see what planes they had on the flights. 772 or 773 on the flight out and on the way back flying the A350XWB.

Just love the 777 but the chance to fly on a brand new type of plane, yay! 

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13 minutes ago, Bermuda425 said:

Wowww - that's but awesome. When will you be going?

Thanks Eric, it will be in a few weeks.

14 minutes ago, gumbypickett said:

How exciting KDK, I didn't know they flew the A350XWB down here,Unless your

a VIP guest on its first flight to Melbourne.;) 

Epic shots also.



Cheers Gumby. The first one for TG was rolled out a couple of weeks ago and hoping to start flying to Melbourne in September.

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Indeed, flying a new type is an excitement to all of us flight enthusiasts, my friend. I assume this pleasure will not be shared by your flight companion, as it marks the end of your holiday... ;).


But... I am more than impressed by your Thai booking skills - and the economic effect. I have never experienced this with German bookings, and probably we will have to try this in Arabian also...


Enjoy the trip and the pleasure to look forward to it!

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