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resolved Not sure if the problem is with Vector or Open LC

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Mods can move it to the appropriate forum.


I just noticed in P3D v3.2 at my home AP-KMWL, that either Vector of Open LC is not working.


The lake has the old straight lines and all the extra trees are missing, so is the road going from the highway to the lake, and there is no traffic on the two highways that had traffic intitially after adding Global, Vector, and Open LC, into my original P3D install, before the wipe of everything including windows..


I realized I have not really flown locally after re-installing windows, P3D, FTX Global, Vector, and Open LC, so they may have never actuall installed correctly, since the new install of windows, P3D v3.2 then the FTX products.


Whenever I open the Vector config tool in FSX Central 2 the check boxes are always un-ticked, no matter how many times I tick them.


I will go now and take screen shots of my scenery library, and the config tool and post them.


It worked for sure before re-installing everything, but no matter where I put things in the scenery library I am missing Vector, Open LC, or both.

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Hi..Im pretty sure your vector entries..--> obj..apt..cvx..exx, should be below scenery\africa, assuming your not using any mesh, then it would be placed after that.





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