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Decided to do another low approach to TAP to get a close up view of the strip.


Flying down that valley again.


Nice and low this time and well to the right side of the valley. The goat track points the way.



Used an HUD for the first time but it is challenging at a low height with a green background.

All looks good this time around.


Would liked to have the wheels on the ground before now, just hope I can stop in time.


Reverse thrust and hard braking now deployed.



The steep slope is doing it's work although the angle of this shot does not show it too well.



Nearly stopped, now all I have to do is park.



The C-17 has a very handy turning circle.



All parked up turned off.

That was very immersive but I did not think it was possible and very surprising at only the second attempt.

Now co pilot, get me the flight plan for Limberlost .

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2 minutes ago, Mickel said:

Nuts...  Me thinks getting in was the easy bit!  I want to see pics of the departure.  With tanker support you'd reach Limberlost from here.


1 minute ago, bvdboomen said:

You must have beaten a record for big planes at Tapini. :lol:

How about the take off? Did you manage that?

Thanks Gents, I was going to bed now but as you have asked so nicely I will get them up in about 20 minutes.:D

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How could I oversee this proof of greatest skills for 22 hours?

Congrats, Martyn, for this job. One of the most extreme uses of Tapini´s runway, I am sure no one can beat this on any Orbx airfield, never.

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Almost speechless - nah.  From what I heard, all recently sentenced local criminals were grouped over the "Welcome to Tapini" sign.  If you stopped before running over them, all sentences were commuted.  Think of the lives you saved :).

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Martyn, I saw the first shot and said to myself: naaaa he won't, then: naaaa he can't and then: never. But you did. Did you record it on video? As others have said here before, take off is a challenge too, mybe a bigger one. But I have seen a Herc taking off from Lucla, so I shut up now and wait ;);)

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I am not sure, but I think the lyrics to that song is "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" ... not "Goat Track"?


Also, those must be some pretty powerful reverse thrusters on that plane which allow you to land on that short strip.  I did enjoy your C-17 flying adventure!

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