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resolved Fall colors during Spring in Orbx Wales & Orbx Global with LC

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I am getting some Fall colors when flying in the Spring in certain Orbx scenery areas. Since I can't find posts by anyone else experiencing this, I'm assuming my Orbx installation has been corrupted in some fashion. I would appreciate your thoughts on how to remedy this situation. So far I have encountered this problem in two very different scenery areas. One is an Orbx region—Wales, and the other is a an Orbx Global and EU openLC area—Germany. 

I have attached a screenshot displaying this problem around Orbx EGCW in Orbx Wales. I have also attached a screenshot displaying this problem just south of Orbx EDOU when running Orbx Global, Orbx EU openLC, and Orbx Vector. The location coordinates are shown on the screenshots. Finally, I have also attached a third screenshot showing my date and time settings when these screenshots were taken - 5/28/16 around 16:00.

I first discovered this problem a few weeks ago in these areas and it is repeatable. There may be other areas in Europe or elsewhere that display this problem as well, but I haven't run across them yet. In one of the areas, the Fall textures also appear during the Summer season. The Fall textures do not appear during Winter.

I tried reinstalling all of the Orbx scenery involved, but the problem remains.

I am running P3D v3.2 on Windows 7. I have almost every Orbx scenery installed and activated in the Scenery Library.

Thanks for your assistance.




EDOU Fall Colors in Spring.jpg

EGCW Fall colors in Spring.jpg

Date and time.jpg

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Hi Robert, 


this has come up a couple of times before and we couldn't figure out what the issue might be as it has nothing to do with the coding in our products. However, I recently came across a thread on a German forum that indicated that setting the "Use System Time for Default Scenario" flag fixed the loading of incorrect seasonal textures.


Cheers, Holger

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