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resolved FTX NA Pacific Fjords installation in P3Dv3?

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FTX Global was the first product to be released with a P3D v3 installer and it was given

version number 1.40, from 1.30.

As a result, very many customers downloaded the version when they did not need it,

assuming that there was some kind of upgrade.

The decision was made to only change the version number if there was a material change

in the content.

Instead, this page was created to check if a product was P3D v3 ready and the P3D v3 ready

logo added to each product page at the FSS as it became ready.




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 Nick, for what it matters I referred to  FTX NA PFJ v1.40 that turns out has 2 different installers under the same version, one older one newer - this is more confusing if you ask me.




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5 minutes ago, Nick Cooper said:

Do you mean the update to version 1.40 on the Support page?

You will always find the latest full version at your account page

at the FSS.



No, my past download that I saved in my archives was version1.40. So yesterday when reinstalling everything fresh for p3dv3 I checked the current download version in flightsimstore and it was also 1.40. As it turned out today they are different installers/versions by functionality bearing the same version tag.


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