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Rascal-An orphan raccoon I saved.

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A couple of days after finding him and a sibling at my aunts and deciding to leave them be we found a small raccoon tail laying in her yard, and some more and longer bits of skin and fur that looked to be from an adult, most likely the mother.


Another day later my aunt called, she had located this one between a board and the foundation of her home.


I cared for him for a week and took him to a licensed rehabilitator about 70 miles away, who is near a nature preserve and lots of water.


She teaches them to fish and eat natural foods that they would and will eventually eat in the wild.


And she releases them in areas that are not heavily populated with raccoons so that there is ample food.




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Very nice.  Having been a wildlife refuge volunteer I am tuned into that sort of thing.  Those wildlife rescue organizations do a wonderful job. 


Although sometimes you have to let nature take it's course no matter how much you'd like to help.


While taking a waterfowl count one day at the refuge we saw an American Coot struggling along the bank of a pond like it was stuck on something.  The biologist and I went over to see if we could help.  A snapping turtle had it by the leg and was trying to drag it into the water.  We left the situation alone.  Snapping turtles have to eat too.



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Raccoons are evil beast.

Just ask anyone that has ever woke up to find out that their yard has suffered through a raccoon raid.



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