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From Siletz Bay to Bowerman - Part 1

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Lotta shots, I'm afraid. I kept seeing such great views! This first leg only goes up as far as Manzanita. Real (and changeable) weather, evening.


Heading off from Siletz Bay -








Pulling away and heading up the coast -








This is such a fine time to fly -






Spoke too soon, the weather's going!














Coming up to Nehalem Bay (or so I discovered via Google Earth) it looked interesting so a brief diversion inland for a look






Definitely some bad weather coming in now






Turning back towards the coast, just over that rise ahead should be the delightfully literally named town of Seaside.




Seaside coming up in part 2

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4 minutes ago, flyingleaf said:

Awesome shots. Very, very realistic and the Stagger wing is a great looking plane. Are you using asn?

Thanks, and yes, ASN live weather (plus Rex4 with soft clouds)

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Absorbing set of shots Andy.

Wonderful scenery through some great weather effects.

Amazing looking water too.

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Thanks folks, glad that people are enjoying them.


6 hours ago, Adam_NZ said:

A great series indeed! Love that RAF paint scheme as well! Where did you find it?


Hi Adam, the camo scheme was from flightsim.com. I just googled for staggerwing repaints and flightsim.com and the aerosoft forum came up. Aerosoft had the Orbx and Mountie paints, and the camo and a couple of others were on flightsim. I really like that RAF one - it seems to suit the plane perfectly (and the plane itself is a tied favourite with the Fury rigght now). I've also grabbed a bunch of repaints for the Twotter so I expect I'll be flying around in that again soon too

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