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Looking for an appropriate plane in KEGE ...


Got one.


The lovely GYPSM4 SID...


... turned eastwards.


... to Denver Int. An airport with extraordinary taxiing time... have lots of extra fuel on board!


Now changing the equipment for a little city tour...


...to Broomfield.



The home of Tom Wunder (twsimfan), who has posted a lot and many positive words - until his last visit here on Dec 29, 2015. One of the many good forum fellows we currently miss.

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21 hours ago, RJ said:
Super great shots Gerold! 


20 hours ago, Voyager said:

Outstanding shots!


From iPad


20 hours ago, Boss1 said:

Great looking set of shots!


8 hours ago, VH-KDK said:

Marvelous set of shots Gerold.


7 hours ago, Bermuda425 said:

Amazing sequence! Needs to show up here to look at your shots ^_^


6 hours ago, Turboarrow4 said:

Super set of shtos...


53 minutes ago, andy1252 said:

Lovely stuff, Gerold


30 minutes ago, PDX Flyer said:

Great set of shots and assortment of planes.


Thank you for your comments, mates. I should be continuing to visit the homes of missed forum friends, maybe it helps...

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